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Writing with Spaces in Between the Words

I've been working with one of my students on putting spaces between words when writing, and I wanted to share how I introduced and worked on the topic. He has an interest in axolotls (fascinating creatures!), so I wanted to put something about that into the lessons. This was the introductory activity that we did to show why it's important to put spaces between the words in the first place.

Three sentences about axolotls, written with no spaces between the words.

After looking at this above sentences and seeing how difficult they were to read, I showed him the same sentences with spaces between the words, and we talked about how that made it easier to read.

Three sentences about axolotls, written with spaces between the words.

Next, we started working on some step-by-step activities to practice the concept. I got some activities on TeachersPayTeachers and this is what I used.

I really liked these because they broke the concept down into a good step-by-step sequence.

A preview image of the interactive Google Slides.

A preview image of the interactive Google Slides.

After the digital activities on Google slides, I started introducing some paper and pencil activities, which I also got from TeachersPayTeachers.

What I really liked about this packet was that it included different activities to practice the skill in various ways and had good visual supports. I didn't use every activity that was included, but I used most of them.

A preview image of the worksheets.

A preview image of the worksheets.

The last part of the process for my student was a visual reminder to use this skill when doing writing assignments. I put this cue card in front of him when he's doing a writing activity (we had also already practiced the other two concepts on the cue card). This seems to be more helpful than verbal prompts/reminders.

A preview image of the sentence writing checklist. It includes three reminders. 1. Starts with capital letter. 2. Spaces between words. 3. Ends with puncutation.


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