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Templates for Learning to Write an Email

One of my tutoring students was asking me if a book written by a self-published author he liked was going to have a sequel. I suggested that we send the author an email to ask, so I made this short activity to help the student write the email.

If your kids are working on learning to write emails, you could use this as a supplement to a unit or lesson on this topic, so that you have different ways for students to work on the concepts to promote generalization.

Here's the link to the activity:

This freebie isn’t really enough to cover the concept as a complete unit, so here are a few of the units on this topic that I like from TPT and online:

How to Send an Email Unit 1 by Life Skills Creations:

Email Etiquette by Presto Plans:

How to Write an Email Unit by Top Floor Teachers:

Email Writing Guide for Students:

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