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Flower Shop Pre-Vocational Skills - Fun Valentine's Day Activities

Valentine's Day can be a fun time to work on pre-vocational and life skills with a flower shop theme! Here's a list of activities created by myself and other teachers to help your children practice these skills. I'll note which ones are free and which ones have a small cost to download.

Differentiated vocational skills work task on reading color words (or matching colors), reading number words, and filling orders printed on simulated order tickets. This flower shop themed task can be used for Valentine's Day or just for fun anytime. The worksheets are designed for older students to work on basic skills in an age appropriate way.The packet contains 9 pages, 3 pages at each differentiated level:

  • Level 1 has the orders written with numerals and the color words color-coded, such as “1 red flower.” (Note: on this level, the word "red" is written in red color on the page).

  • Level 2 has the orders written with numerals and the color words written without color cues, such as “1 red flower.” (Color word is written in black ink).

  • Level 3 has the orders written number words, such as “one red flower.”

Set of 9 worksheets is a paid download; free sample of 3 worksheets at the link above.


Spring themed comparison shopping consumer math digital task cards up to under $100. Which store costs less? Digital activities to practice money math, life skills and vocational skills through interactive questions.

Paid Download


Community Based Instruction has gone digital! Take students on a simulated step by step experience of going to fun places in their communities.

Paid Download


This activity is a functional matching activity where students are asked to look at the flower order and move the matching flowers to the vase. Each card has 4-6 flowers. Students need to look carefully at the flowers in the order (up to 6 per slide) and decide which match from the table. Students would drag the matching flowers to the vase. This activity is set to mimic working in a flower shop.

Paid Download


In this activity, students need to look at the flower order. They need to move the correct number and type of flower to the vase. This deck asks students to count flowers from 1 to 10.

Paid Download


Digital task box activity - Flower shop themed activity to practice fulfilling bouquet orders!

Free Download


Differentiated digital task box activity - Flower shop themed activity to practice fulfilling bouquet orders!

Paid Downloads


Career skills activity that can be used for a group lesson or an independent work station. Students can get a sense of what it’s like to be a florist by fulfilling these visual and simplified bouquet orders. A fun way to practice vocational and functional skills.

Free Download


This google slide show covers the seven basic elements of design. It has a definition for each word, example images and notes for the instructor. At the end there is also a series of images for you to lead a discussion with your students so they can practice their new vocabulary.

Vocabulary covered:

1. Color

2. Shape

3. Texture

4. Line

5. Balance

6. Proportion

 7. Focus

Paid Download


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