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Teaching Paragraph Writing

If your child has mastered writing sentences, it can be a good time to start them working on putting related sentences together to write paragraphs. When I'm teaching a new concept and skill, I like to break it down into very small steps, with lots of visual representations and demonstration. Your child may need fewer steps or less visual support, but I've included lots of steps broken down here in case your child needs them. Here's an example of the steps created for one of my tutoring students who loves axolotls. Step 1: Discuss the Difference Between Sentences and Paragraphs

I used this page as an introduction to what paragraphs are and how they differ from sentences. I would cover up part of the page with a piece of paper and slide it down as we read it, so the student could only view the text we were talking about at the time.

After reviewing this information, students can sort some examples of paragraphs and sentences.

Step 2: Recognizing Paragraphs in Text

I also wanted to point out how to recognize where new paragraphs start in books, essays, etc. Here are the worksheet pages I used to discuss and practice this. The text is from the book, "The Curious Axolotl."

Step 3: Numbering and Counting Paragraphs

Because comprehension questions sometimes ask students to find information in a certain paragraph (often referred to by number), I also wanted to practice this concept with my student.

Step 4: Starting to Write Paragraphs

I designed some workbooks to practice paragraph writing, step-by-step. You can view sample pages of each of these workbooks by clicking on their photos. I'm going to work on making more with different themes, so please feel free to let me know what topics your child is interested in and I can make a workbook with that topic!


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