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Free Digital and Printable Educational Activities


Back-to-School (Before School Starts)

Customizable Back-to-School Social Story Template

Back to School "To Do" Checklist for Special Education Teachers

Daily Home-School Communication Note

First Week Activities

School Favorites Activity (Getting to Know Your Students)

First Week of School Activity Guide (Free Visual Schedule)

Get to Know You / Back to School Questions for Special Education

First Week of School Activities Outline Special Education

Back to School Class Book Activity

Outline for First 3 Weeks Back To School (High School Transition)

Setting Up a Secondary Life Skills Classroom in High School

First Week of School Schedule (for general education, but great ideas!)


Popsicle Color Match Folder Game

Reading Color Words Book (Train Theme)

Easy Art Lesson Using the Color Blue

Robot-Themed Color Word Book and Activities

Train Color Word Matching Cards

Butterfly Color Matching Folder Game

Train Color Sorting (RFFC)



Farm Animal Sorting and Matching
Popsicle Size Sorting
School Objects Size Sort



Pumpkin Train (Counting and Shapes)

Shape Matching Folder Game
Shape Word Matching Folder Game

Axolotl Themed 2D Shape Questions: How Many Corners? How Many Sides? Etc.

Free Pumpkin Shapes Activity (Lesson Slides)


Pumpkin Train (Counting and Shapes)

Counting Folder Game

Number Words Folder Game

Easy DIY Tactile Letter and Number Cards

Winter Counting Activity Snowball and Snowmen

“Drag and Drop” Missing Numbers 1 – 5: Google Slides
Train Counting and Writing Numbers
Animal Counting 1-5
Cut and Paste Counting Vehicles 1-5
Monster Count 1-5 (count, cut and paste & write numbers 1-5)
Counting Cut & Paste Math Activities (Showing Different Formats of the Numbers)



Dinosaur Letter Formation Practice (Lowercase Letters)
Train-Theme Letter Flashcards

Easy DIY Tactile Letter and Number Cards

Letter Identification Find the Snowman Game (Google Slides)


Coming soon!

Sentence/Paragraph Writing

Sentence Writing Unit (Customize to Student Interests)

Differentiated Animal Report Template and Graphic Organizer

Web Graphic Organizer with Lines
Capitalization Rules Posters

Writing Complete Sentences - Sentence Structure - Naming and Telling Parts


Coming Soon!

Reading Comprehension

Sequence Story Events Graphic Organizer - For Any Story

Graphic Organizer: Make a Prediction Based on a Book Cover

Graphic Organizer: Vocabulary from a Story

Adapted Book: I See Fish

Main Idea and Key Detail Graphic Organizer

Main Idea and Details Visuals and Worksheets

Dinosaurs Reading Comprehension with Visuals



Candy Science Experiment (Solutions/Dissolving) w/Visual Supports & Video Model

Magnet Science Mini-Unit

Electricity and Circuits Science Unit

Simple Science Experiment Log (Google Slide)
Evaporation Science Experiment for Special Education and Autism

Light and Dark Science

States of Matter (Sorting States of Matter)

Weather Words with Pictures Vocabulary List Printable


Ice Cream Spelling


Train Track Patterns: Make and Extend Patterns by Creating a Train Track

Telling Time

Telling Time with Trains


Dollar Money Unit
Coin Sort Digital Activity - Go
ogle Slides
Count by 25s (Counting Quarters)


Intro to Bar Graphs: Unit for Autism/Special Education - Train Theme
Intro to Bar Graph Unit for Autism and Special Education: Ocean Animal Theme
Fall Dice: A Fall or Halloween Theme Graphing Game
Mini-Unit on Columns, Rows, and Intro to Tables / Graphing (Dinosaur Theme)


Pizza Portions: An Introduction To Fractions

Pumpkin Fractions Worksheet

"Wh" Questions

WH Questions with Picture Support

Social Skills

Pumpkin Feelings - Social Skills Lesson - Google Slides
Pumpkin Feelings - Social Skills Lesson -
PowerPoint Version

Kindness Social Skills Lesson (Google Slides)

On this page, you'll find free printable lessons and activities for both parents and teachers. The first two sections are for teachers working in schools, but the rest are organized by academic subject (reading, writing, math, etc.) and can be used in schools or for homeschooling.

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