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Reading and Copy Work for Kids Who Love Trains

I made this activity years ago, but I just realized that it could work well for one of my students. So, I updated a couple of things on it, and thought I would share it with y'all as well. This e-book of printable activities is written for children who have an understanding of letters and which sounds they make and that have a special interest in trains. In my years of teaching special education, many of my students (particularly those with autism) have been very interested in trains. Using train-themed learning activities has been highly motivating for my students, helping them focus on their work with less struggle and distraction and more fun and enjoyment. The illustrations are designed to be simple, so as to provide a visual cue without distracting the student. This activity is inspired by the Charlotte Mason method of teaching. A video demonstration of a similar Charlotte Mason reading program can be found here: - Viewing the video may be helpful before teaching this activity series. You can download the printable e-book (and complete instructions on how to teach using the activities) here:

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