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Desert Animal Report and Craft

A student's macarroni snake project. The dried pasta is painted black and strung together on a piece of yarn.

I've been working on animal habitats lately with one of my students who loves animals, and we did a fun desert animal report and craft that could easily be adapted for lots of different kids.

We first read about the desert animal habitat using these resources, then he chose one animal that he wanted to make.

To plan the project, we listed out the parts of the snake and what we might use to make each part.

A graphic organizer in which the student list each part of the snake and the materials he would use to make each (body = pasta, paint, and yarn, face = paper, and eyes = stickers).

Once this was planned, he painted the macaroni black (because the snake he wanted to make was black).

Four paintbrushes and several pasta noodles painted black.

While we waited for the paint to dry, we did this quiz activity about the desert.

A photo of a multiple-choice and true-false quiz on the desert habitat.

After the paint dried, we strung them together with yarn and he drew the snake face and glued it on.

A photo of the completed snake.

You can also get a free animal report template that you could use to write about the animal here:

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