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"Classic" Folder Games for Math, Reading, and Colors

A picture of a folder game for rhyming words. One set of rhyming words (written on drawings of pencils) are posted in the folder. Two other cut-out drawings of pencils with words written on them are in front of the folder.

I was recently looking for folder games for math and I remembered that I'd made some games like this when I first started teaching in 2006. You'll have to forgive the "goofy" names and non-fancy graphics, but I still think they're pretty decent! :)

Here are the ones I made that you can print on colored paper and use to make folder games. Instructions for use and assembly are included on each one.

Counting Objects to 10 One-digit Addition Facts (1s and 2s) One-digit Addition Facts (3s and 4s) Color Matching Pattern Matching Reading Number Words (1 - 20) Rhyming 3-Letter Words Shape Matching Shape Word Matching

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