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Scratch Coding Cards: Practice Coding in Simple Steps with Visual Supports

The cover of the scratch coding cards and a few sample cards showing some steps to animate your name using scratch.

One of the things I teach to my science tutoring students most often is coding and computer programming.

There are so many fun programs and activities available now for teaching these skills to kids and many of my students with autism love them and do a great job with them.

Many of the programs are free as well.

One of the free programs I use is called "Scratch." I use this one with students after they've done some coding basics (such as course A or B on Scratch is easy to use and you can make some really cool projects with it.

I recently found these Scratch coding cards at a bookstore, and it's now one of my favorite resources. What's great about these cards is that:

  • Each card has one simple skill, so it's perfect for a very short activity.

  • Each card has pictures and visual supports for each step in the skill.

  • Each card breaks down the skill into simple steps without distracting images or information.

When I first looked at the cards, I was so excited because I think they really work well with the visual learning style of learning that's common to many students with autism.

If you'd like to read more about the cards, you can click the image below to find them on Amazon.

To read more ideas for teaching coding to students with autism, check out this blog post:

If you're near the Rockwall, Texas area and would be interested in your child working on these skills, please check out my free STEM clubs for kids and teens with autism on these sites: Aspire Robotics Website: Aspire Robotics Facebook Page: If you're interested in learning more about math and science tutoring with Dr. Caldwell, that information is here:

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