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Basic Skills Checklists: Teacher-Friendly Assessment for Students with Autism or Special Needs

Since many of us as either teachers or homeschoolers are heading back to school this month, I wanted to share a book that I use to quickly assess my students and create goals.

This book is described as "an easy-to-use, informal assessment tool." It includes checklists for many different skill domains, so that you can easily track a child's current skill levels in a variety of areas. I use it for so much more than an assessment tool. I find it really useful for planning IEP goals, because it lists a variety of skills in each domain area. Each page is a checklist for a certain skill area, such as

  • Matching,

  • Sorting,

  • Sequencing,

  • Letters,

  • Schedule use,

  • Clerical skills,

  • Money use, and more.

It breaks each skill down into components to make teaching it super easy.

The checklists are not just great for initial assessments, I think they are great for progress tracking, as each page lets you record assessment data at multiple points during the year.

This is a book I would use every year for almost every student. It is ready-to-use, practical, and saves lots of time. You can view the book on Amazon and look at some sample pages here:

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