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Review of "All About Reading" Curriculum

Photo of the "All About Curriculum" books and materials.

What Is It? All About Reading is a ready-to-use, minimal-prep curriculum that incorporates multisensory and hands-on elements for approximate ages of preschool through fourth grade.

Why I Love It:

• All About Reading is an easy-to-use and engaging reading curriculum.

• It is a scripted program, so it tells the parent or teacher exactly what to say and do with the materials for each lesson, making it very easy to use.

• The kit contains hand-on materials that allow the students to actively build and sound out words using letter tiles. These are great for visual learners and get the student actively engaged in the learning process.

• The activities with each lesson are fun. One example is an activity where the student reads words printed on little pieces of cheese and then "feeds" them to a mouse. Note: all of these type activities are included in the workbook for the parent/teacher to cut out. It's really easy to set-up.

• The leveled readers that come with the program are excellent. My students have enjoyed the stories and the illustrations are high-quality. What's Included? There are five levels (kits) of the program (pre-reading and levels 1 – 4), and each kit contains slightly different resources and materials. Generally, each kit contains: teacher's manual, student manual, leveled readers, magnetic letter tiles, and flash cards with a divided storage box. Specific contents of each kit can be found on the All About Reading website:

Note: since each child with autism is different, I can't necessarily recommend this program for every child. Please visit the publisher's website to look at the curriculum in detail to see if you think it would work for your child. I am an affiliate for this curriculum, which means that I earn a commission each time a person purchases the curriculum via my link.

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