Visual Schedules/Task Analysis for Building Student Electric Circuit Kits

Earlier this year (before the pandemic), I had so much fun volunteering to lead an activity building electric circuits at a day program for adults with disabilities.

The participants in the activity were seated at different tables, and I made a different circuit activity for each table (and then rotated the activities between the tables, so each group got to make all of the different projects).

To help the participants know how to make each project, I made a visual schedule of the steps to building them, one step at a time (pictures below)

I took parts from all of my SnapCircuits kits (I have about 5 of them) and mixed up all the parts to make these activities, so I honestly don't know exactly which kits you'd need to have all of these parts, but you can check out all of the SnapCircuits kits on Amazon here:

Snap Circuits is an amazing, kid-friendly, safe circuit building program that lets kids (and adults of course!) build really cool things like spinning propellers and flashing LED lights.

I've posted a few pictures of what the visual schedules look like below, and you can download them all here:

If you'd like to read about the other ways I use SnapCircuits with my students, check out this blog post: "Using Circuit Building Kits to Teach Communication, Academic, and Other Skills."

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