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Art Activity on Ways to Work with Paper and a Star Wars Craft

A poster created by a student with different ways to sculpt paper: cut paper (into fringe), crumpled paper, bent paper, twisted paper, ripped paper, and accordion folded paper.

I'm trying to work on more crafting and 3D artwork projects with one of my students who enjoys art, and we had fun with this activity. We tried out different ways to "sculpt" with paper (pictured are cut, crumple, bend, twist, twirl, rip, and fold). We then chose one to make a craft of a Star Wars character. The student chose to fold the paper to make this droid's arms and legs This activity was great to work on fine motor skills as well as language/communication during the project.

I also worked on following written directions during the project. You can read more about how I use written direction and written prompts to help kids work more independently here:

A note card with the text, "Draw 2 hands" written on it. The student drew two hands on yellow paper to cut out to make the art project.

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