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Links to My Free Activities and Blog Posts

Just as a note about this blog post, I'm making this list of my recently posted activities and news so that I can easily link to it from my Instagram page.

"What is a Coupon?" Instructional Story:

Visual Schedules/Task Analysis for Building Student Electric Circuit Kits:

"Harry the Dirty Dog" Activities:

Site Plans (Architecture) Reading Passage:

"Unit Price" Introduction Story:

Math Word Problem Graphic Organizer:

Battlebots-Themed Writing Activities: Electricity Unit Plan: Visual Schedules for Building Circuits: Usking Kids Electric Circuits Kits for ABA Goals:

Reading and Copywork for Kids Who Love Trains:

Activities for "Big Rig Bugs" -

My YouTube Channel:

Mini-Unit on Columns, Rows, and Graphing (Dog Theme):

Teaching STEM to Students with Autism Group:


Jupiter Reading Passages -

Activities for "The Tin Forest" -

Teaching with Snap Circuits:

Teaching Language with "Codenames" -

Activities for "Stone Soup" -

The Book Fairy Facebook Group:

Activities for "The Apple Pie Tree" -

Teaching Sentence Writing to Students with Autism:

Pre-Writing Activities with Toy Cars:

Video Modeling for Distance Learning:

Choosing Curriculum for Your Child with Autism:

Review of the "Son-Rise" Online Training Program and the "Autism Breakthrough" Book:

"Count the Raindrops" Activity:

Activities for "The Snowy Day":

Online Zoom Art Gallery Activity:

Activities for "Robert the Rose Horse":

Autism Homeschool Summit (All Videos!):

Activities for "Blueberries for Sal":

Art Activity on Ways to Work with Paper and a Star Wars Craft:

Autism Homeschool Mini-Summit:

"Appearing Train" Art Activity:

Activities for "The Glorious Flight" book:

Activities for "The Very Grouchy Ladybug" (will be available on Wednesday, 4/8/20):

Teaching Handwashing with a Task Analysis:

Power Card Strategy:

"The Little Engine That Could" Activities: Train-Themed Initial Sounds Sort:

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Activities:

Dyscalculia Book Group:

Craft Stick Train Craft/Video:

"Two Little Trains" Activities:

"May I Bring a Friend?" Activities:

Video Modeling Tips:

Online School Weekly Planning Sheet:

Big Wide Mouthed Frog Activities:

Online 3D Modeling Class for High School Students with Autism:

Evaporation Science Experiment: Magnet Science Unit for Special Education and Autism: Sentence Writing Unit For Students with Autism: Differentiated Animal Report Template & Graphic Organizer for Special Education: Dinosaur Letter Formation Practice (Lowercase Letters): Alphabetical Order Cut-And-Paste (Animals): Free Printable Train Games:

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