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Writing an Animal Report (Free Template and Visual Supports)

A photo of a completed report next to a paper craft of a penguin.

One of my students loves animals, so I'm using that to practice writing and research skills. I wanted a really basic template that he could fill in, just to get used to the ideas of looking up information and writing it down.

We started out by choosing an animal (he chose penguin) so I looked up a fun penguin craft (thank you Pinterest!) and we did this first. Note: here's a link to the craft we made. I probably won't be using this website again because it had so many ads and they would appear right in places that you would need to click to access different parts of the site, but here's the link:

Then we filled in one of the report templates:

A completed animal report template.

As you an see, my student changed his mind about his selected animal after we made the craft, so we decided to go with a sloth. This is the level 2 template.

So, I decided to fill out the level 1 template for the penguin, just for an example. Some of the items here are from the student's previous work, just used here for an example.

The level one template allows students to respond more with pictures, although some writing is included.

A photo of a completed template.

You can download these templates free here:

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