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Visual Supports for "Fill-in-the-Blank" Stories

An image that shows a "Star Wars Mad Libs" book next to two piece of paper. One paper says "verbs" and contains pictures representing different verbs. The other paper says "nouns" and has pictures of various nouns.

A quick post today. For a fun activity with some of my students, I bought these Star Wars Mad Libs. To help provide a visual support for nouns and verbs, I printed a sheet for nouns and for verbs, along with pictures that represented each. The student could think of their own words to fill in the blanks in the story or choose a picture from the pages. Since we haven't worked a lot with nouns and verbs yet, I wanted to provide these visual examples of the words. As we work more on this topic, I'll fade out those prompts.

I would also make one of these sheets for adjectives if I did this activity again.

We had a lot of fun with this activity! What's great about these stories is that you can find them for many different student interests. Here are a few from Amazon.

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