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Teaching About Animal Habitats Using a Student’s Special Interests

An information sheet describing different types of habitats (desert, arctic, and wetlands are pictured). There are also photos of locations in Star Wars that correcspond to each location (Jakku and Tatooine for desert, Hoth for Arctic, and Dagobah for wetlands).

I was working on animal habitats with one of my students, and I (on a whim) pulled out these Star Wars planet cards that I'd made for another activity. I used them to both show him what each habitat was like and also have him pick the Star Wars planet that matched the habitat. This student loves Star Wars, so this made the activity much more fun and engaging. We also did a couple of other activities after reading about habitats. Here were the pages we used (all free from different teachers on TeachersPayTeachers): Animal Habitats Info Sheets (pictured): Animal Habitats Review Worksheet: Animal Habitats Graphic Organizer (draw a habitat and three animals that live there): Our next project will be writing a report about an animal (using a graphic organizer) and making a shoebox diorama of that animal's habitat. Can't wait!

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