"Types of Lines" Art Activity Using a Child's Interests

One of my students loves art, so we've been working on art activities to teach both art concepts and language skills. One section of the art curriculum that we're using is about types of lines, so we worked on activities about those a few months ago (see examples and a review of the art curriculum here).

This student is really interested in Star Wars, so I decided to make a project for him to review "wavy" lines. This art project involved drawing wavy lines on paper with different shades of yellow to make sand dunes on Tatooine (the planet where Luke Skywalker lives). My student is also very interested in the fact that Tatooine has two suns, so I added in some activities about the sun to go along with the project (I found these printables on TeachersPayTeachers). You can see in the photo that he drew the two suns. He also drew some of the Star Wars characters on the sand dunes, but I didn't get a photo of that.

Using a student's interests to teach is one of my favorite strategies to make learning fun, meaningful, and engaging.

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