Review of Raddish – A Cooking Club Subscription for Kids

My kiddo recently announced that he was interested in learning to cook and that he wanted to take a cooking class. He looked up a few here in Dallas, but the minimum age was 16. I’d heard of Raddish Kids, which is like a monthly subscription box for kids to learn cooking skills, so we looked it up and decided to try it for a month.

Each box has a different theme and comes with:

  • 3 illustrated recipe guides,

  • 3 culinary skill cards,

  • A creative kitchen project, and

  • A kid-friendly kitchen tool.

I’m planning to share the recipe guides with a few of my students’ families, because the step-by-step illustrated recipes (pictured below) are great for visual learners! I was really impressed with everything about the kits and my son loves it!

If you’d like to give Raddish a try, you can use my code gp8fbd to get $10 off a subscription at

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