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Reading Assessment with a Favorite Character

This week, I was doing a quick assessment with one of my students. I wanted to see if he could read "days of the week" words (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.). I also wanted to make the assessment more fun instead of using flashcards. So, I took this sticker art project that we made today and pretended that the otter was "saying" the words I wanted the student to read.

I would put the "speech bubble" with the day of the week written on it and say, "Hmmmm...I wonder what the otter is saying." The student would then read the word. This student likes me to be really silly, so I totally played it up during the assessment. We had a great time and he did great with the assessment! Whenever I'm doing a learning activity with a child, I try to think about how to include their interests and make it fun/meaningful for that student.

As a note, the assessments that I've been working on are super to easy to use and they're from the book "Basic Skills Checklists." I bought this book over 5 years ago and it's one of the books I use the most often. You can read my review of the book here:

Also, my student loves the sticker book that this activity came from. Here's the link to the book:

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