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"Play to Learn" Communication and
Academic Skills Program with Dr. Caldwell


Play gives children "opportunities to explore the world, interact with others, express and control emotions, develop their symbolic and problem-solving abilities, and practice emerging skills. Research shows the links between play and foundational capacities such as memory, self-regulation, oral language abilities, social skills, and success in school."

- NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children)

Using children's favorite toys, games, and activities (along with some fun activities I bring with me!), I work with kids in their homes on academic and communication skills in a relaxed, motivating, fun, and research-based way.

I believe that children learn best through play and that a child’s favorite activities provide a great context for working on communication and social skills. During these activities, children are typically highly motivated to communicate and interact. It also gives children a meaningful reason for communicating, so it isn’t just learned as a “rote” skill. You'll often find me working on language and communication while making balloon animals, blowing bubbles, drawing/painting/sculpting, or which ever activities your child loves.


If you’re in Rockwall, Rowlett, or Royse City, Texas, and you’d like more information or to schedule a free initial consultation about the “Play to Learn” program, please send me a message and we’ll set something up.

Program Pricing

1 session/week = $55 per hour,

2 sessions/week = $50 per hour,

3+ sessions/week = $45 per hour.


For your reference, many of the approaches I use are based on the strategies in the following books.

Examples of activities that we might do in a "Play to Learn" session might include:


See more examples of projects and activities on my blog.

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