In-Home or Online Math and Science Instruction

with Dr. Caldwell

One of my specializations is working with children and teens who:

  • Have difficulty with comprehension of math concepts,

  • Experience challenges with retention of math concepts learned, and/or

  • Anxiety or nervousness about math.


I use hands-on materials and research-based strategies to help students learn effectively. My math teaching sessions are fun and relaxed, and often include lots of laughing and joking around.


For science, I specialize in working with kids and teens of all ages on:

  • Coding/computer programming,

  • 3D modeling, and

  • Basic science concepts.


I can work with your child in your home, in a library or public space (in Rockwall, Texas and nearby areas), or online via video conferencing.

I develop individualized lessons for your child on each tutoring session based on my observations/assessments, research-based strategies, interventions for math learning disabilities (if needed), real-world applications, and fun (of course!).


If you’d like more information or to schedule a free initial consultation, please send me a message and we’ll set something up. Thanks!


Note for Summer 2020: I still have a few things pending with my schedule, but it looks like my schedule is close to full and I may need to start a waiting list, so if you're interested in tutoring, please contact me as soon as possible. Also, due to the covid situation, I am currently only tutoring students virtually. I hope to be able to open in-person sessions soon!

After my current schedule is finalized, if it is full, I'll post a link here to sign-up for my waiting list. Thank you for your interest in working with me! In the meantime, you can find free teaching materials on my blog link below.

You can also find math and science teaching tips on my blog.

Detailed information about my background and experience is here.

I've starting gathering testimonials, so I'll share a few here for your reference. The first one is a screenshot from a review on my profile from the website, and I've typed in the rest.


"Nicole is highly knowledgeable and passionate about the creation and implementation of effective and functional interventions for children with autism and their families. Moreover, Nicole is a very deep thinker and hard worker. Nicole consistently amazes me with her intelligent, creative, and thorough contributions! An asset to any team hoping to positively impact the lives of children with autism and their families." - Kelly (text copied from my LinkedIn profile).

"Nicole is compassionate, talented, and hard-working. She is uniquely qualified in her work with students on the autism spectrum." - Christina (text copied from my LinkedIn profile).


"Nicole has been tutoring (homeschool teaching) our 7-year-old for a couple of years (before the pandemic forced us to pause tutoring with her a few months ago) and he's come so far with his language. He's doing great with math, reading, and writing too, but the language is the most noticeable. We hope to be able to start tutoring again soon!" (submitted by e-mail from a family who prefers to remain anonymous).