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How to Get Started Homeschooling - State By State

I'm located in the state of Texas, and many of my clients are too, so I'll start here. I'll include information for the other states as well. Each state has different requirements, so you'll want to check the link to the homeschooling laws in your state at the link below.


If you live in Texas, the first step I suggest that you take is to connect with the Texas Homeschool Coalition. They are a great source of information, and provide lots of support to their members. They have a great guide on 5 steps to get started homeschooling in Texas This guide will help you become familiar with Texas laws, requirements, and how to withdraw your child from school. You can find the guide here:

Another resource is the Homeschool Legal Defense Association. They have a page of Texas homeschooling laws and a page of Texas homeschooling organizations. There's also a Texas online homeschooling discussion board where you can ask questions and talk with other parents.

Please note that all of these are websites outside of "Autism Homeschool Success" and I have no control over the content or messages posted there.

Other States

One of the first steps you might take is to check out the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). They have pages on homeschool laws for each U.S. state and a page of homeschooling groups in each state. Finding a local support group is a great way to help you get started!

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