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File Folder Game Library
Basic Skills

Here are file folder games for basic skills, including sorting, matching, counting, size, etc. They are color-coded for whether the downloads are free (green) or paid (blue). Please let me know if you have any questions or games that I can add to the list. Thanks!

Matching (Colors)

Butterfly Color Matching

Fish Color Matching

Ice Cream Color Matching

Popsicle Color Matching

Shamrock Color Matching

Beach Ball-Theme Color Games

Flower-Theme Color Games

Winter-Theme Color Matching

Paint Bucket Color Matching

Matching (Pictures)

Symmetry Matching Hearts Game

Matching Shapes

Shape Matching

Shape and Shape Word Matching

Bird-Theme Shape Games

Fish-Theme Shape Games

Peanut Butter and Jelly Shape Matching

Apple-Theme Shape Matching

Bunny Shape Matching

Valentine's Day Shape Matching

Penguins Shape Matching

Halloween Ghosts Shape Matching

Candy Corn Shape Matching

Turkey Shape Matching

Reindeer Shape Matching

Sorting (Categories/Concepts)

Easter Egg Color Sorting

Snowman Color Sorting 1

Snowman Color Sorting 2

Penguin Color Sorting

Toothbrush Color Sorting

Turkey Color Sorting 1

Turkey Color Sorting 2

Santa Color Sorting

Christmas Elves Color Sort


Ice Cream Number Match

Winter-Theme Number Match 1-20


Counting Stars 1-10

Ice Cream Counting

Ice Cream Counting (Another Version)

Fall-Theme Counting Game


Snowman Size Matching

Bunny Size Matching

Hearts Size Matching

Turkey Size Matching

Santa Size Matching


Butterfly Pattern Matching

Patterns Games

Left and Right



More Categories Coming Soon



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