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Free Curriculum by Dr. Caldwell

I'm creating various self-paced online courses that can be used for either homeschooling, at-home learning, or in schools. These classes feature fun science and math based topics such as 3D modeling and video game design, that can be used for both a fun hobby and a potential future vocational skill.

All of the self-paced online courses are free to use and download. They essentially function as a curriculum, and you can use them with your own child or students, with you as the facilitator of the courses.

If you're interested in classes with more direct support from me (rather than the free, self-paced curriculum), you can either:

  • Join one of the "Interactive Online Courses" or

  • Book a Q and A session for questions about the free self-study classes (curriculum). If you need help with anything with the free classes, I can answer them through a Zoom meeting (with screenshare) for a reduced rate of $30 per hour/$15 for half an hour. Just send me a message if you'd like to set-up a session.

Here is the self-paced class that I'm currently developing. This one should be ready by the end of July 2020 and more are coming soon!

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