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Special Interest Survey

When I'm creating teaching activities for my students, my goal is to make learning fun and meaningful, often by making worksheets, games, and lessons based on their interests.


When I make an activity, I often post it online so that other teachers and parents can use it for their kids or students. I'm planning to post more free teaching materials for y'all to use, and I'm looking for ideas of themes to make activities for.


As an example, one of my students loves axolotls, so I've made a bunch of activities to teach fractions, reading comprehension, parts of speech, punctuation, etc. with an axolotl theme. It's been so much fun for him, and I'm hoping to create similar activities to post here. To help me choose the next themes I'm going to make resources for, fill out the quick survey below to let me know what your child is interested in: robots, cars, dinosaurs, music, whatever they love. Thanks so much!

What are your child or students' top 5 special interests?

Thanks for completing the survey!

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