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Tutoring and Consulting Services

Hi! I'm Dr. Nicole Caldwell, and I've been teaching children and teens with autism for about 10 years. I work with children in their homes to help them learn social skills, communication and language, academics, and pre-vocational skills involving science and technology. I also provide teaching and tutoring for families homeschooling their children, as well as online tutoring in coding and 3D modeling for students with autism.

My background is in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Montessori. I use these types of teaching methods in a way that is relaxed, natural, fun, play-based, and respectful of the wonderful uniqueness of children with autism.

You can read more about me and what I do below, including my "Pay-What-You-Can" and volunteer programs. Please send me a message if you have questions or would like a free initial consultation. Thank you!

Home-Based Teaching and Tutoring with Dr. Caldwell

Here are the services I offer. You can read more about them and my background below.

  • Social, Communication, and Language Skills

  • Academic Tutoring

  • Pre-Vocational Skills Training, with an Emphasis on Science, Technology, and Coding (All Ages)

  • Online Tutoring in Coding and 3D Modeling

  • Homeschool Consulting

  • Son-Rise Program® Volunteer

  • "Pay What You Can" Parent Training Program (Coming Soon)


Teaching/Tutoring on Social, Communication, Language, and Academic Skills

I can work with your child one or more hours per week (depending on your family's needs and schedule) on social, communication, and language skills, as well as academic tutoring. As often as possible, I use toys, activities, and games to teach in order to make learning meaningful and fun for your child.

If you're homeschooling, I can work with your child in one subject (or multiple subjects) and take care of the curriculum, lesson planning, teaching, and assessment for math, science, reading, writing, spelling, or language/communication. If you already have a curriculum and lessons, I can provide review and tutoring to give your child additional practice and generalization of the concepts learned.

I can work with your child in locations near the Dallas, Rockwall, or Greenville, Texas area. I use lots of hands-on, visual teaching materials for all subjects and I can bring these to your home for your child to learn in a fun and effective way.

For any questions or more information about tutoring and teaching, or to schedule a free initial consultation, you can send me a message.

Pre-Vocational Skills Training (Science, Technology, and Coding for All Ages)

Many of the students with autism that I've worked with over the years have shown a particular interest and skill in science and technology. I've worked with children of various ages from elementary school to high school on these types of skills, including 3D modeling, coding (computer programming), and electronics/robotics. I think it's so important for children with autism to learn these skills, and I love teaching them. Some of the benefits I've seen include:

  • People with autism are often naturally interested in technology, so you can use it to increase motivation for learning,

  • Learning about coding, robotics, electronics, and technology can help students learn stills that may help them in the workforce,

  • Doing some of these activities can help develop and improve fine-motor skills,

  • Encouraging a skill area where a student can be successful may increase confidence and self-esteem,

  • Learning electronics and robotics can lead to social/educational opportunities. I'd love to see more students with autism join the robotics teams at their high schools. Meeting others with similar interests can increase opportunities for friendship and socialization.

I can provide teaching/tutoring on these skills to your child one or more hours per week in locations near the Dallas, Rockwall, or Greenville, Texas area. For any questions, more information, or to schedule a free initial consultation, please send me a message.

Online Tutoring in Coding and 3D Modeling

If you're interested in my science tutoring that I described above, but you're not in the Dallas area, I'm now offering online tutoring in coding and 3D modeling. We'll use an online video conferencing tool (such as Skype) that allows me to see your child's computer screen while he or she is working, and he or she can ask me questions while doing the learning activities. I use free websites and programs that you can access from your computer (including, Hour of Code, TinkerCAD, and Sketch-Up) and help walk your child through the lessons on these websites. Since there is no travel time and expense, I offer all online tutoring sessions at a lower rate (see the end of this page for more information). If you're interested in online tutoring, please fill-out this form and I'll get in touch with you via e-mail to answer any questions you have. Thanks!

Homeschool Consulting

If you'd like some assistance with teaching strategies, choosing curriculum, setting-up independent work areas, etc., I'd love to work with you. As a parent, you are the expert on your child, and you can absolutely successful with homeschooling your child. I'm honored to work with families to provide them with resources to make this happen.

For any questions or more information about consulting, or to schedule a free initial consultation (either in-person or online via video conferencing), you can send me a message.

Son-Rise Program® Volunteer

I'm currently taking the Son-Rise Program® online training class, and I love it! I'm interested in supporting families who have completed the Son-Rise Program® training and are looking for volunteers to work with their children in their home-based Son-Rise Program®. At the time you read this, I may or may not have openings based on the number of clients I'm currently working with. If I'm available, I'm able to offer one 2-hour session per week to families in the Rockwall or Greenville, Texas area. Please feel free to send me a message for more information and to check my availability. Thanks!

"Pay-What-You-Can" Parent Training Program

I'm currently working on the details of this program, and it should be available soon. At this time, I'm envisioning a six-month program where I work with you and your child one or two hours per week (with a parent or guardian present during the sessions). It will have a parent-training focus so that, after the six months is over, you'll be able to continue working with your child. The program will be for families in the Rockwall and Hunt County Texas area. Please subscribe to my free newsletter to be notified when this program is available.

About Me

My name is Dr. Nicole Caldwell, and I recently completed a Ph.D. in special education with an emphasis in autism. I've been working in special education for about 10 years, and I have training in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Montessori education. I love teaching and have worked with children and teens on the autism spectrum, as well as  college students studying to become special education teachers. You can view more details, as well as testimonials, on my Linkedin profile.

Here's an overview of training, workshops, and certifications I've completed:

  • Master's Degree in Special Education/Autism/Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

  • PhD in Special Education/Autism

  • Texas Classroom Teacher Certification: Generalist (Grades Early Childhood - 4th Grade)

  • Texas Classroom Teacher Certification: Special Education (Grades Early Childhood - 12th Grade)

  • Pivotal Response Treatment Certification Level I (Currently Working on Level II)

  • Lower Elementary Montessori Teacher

  • Graduate Academic Certificate (Autism Intervention)

  • Graduate Academic Certificate (Applied Behavior Analysis)

Tutoring and Consulting Rates

My rates for tutoring are $35-$50 per hour, depending on the number of hours per week that I work with your family. I offer discounts for multiple hours per week/session. These rates include the time outside of our sessions that I use for lesson planning and preparation for your child.

Online tutoring rates are $35 - $40 per hour, based on the number of hours per week.


Homeschool consulting rates are $35 per hour.



Disclaimer: I am not a BCBA, and do not provide Applied Behavior Analysis services. I simply have a background in these methods, having taken many ABA courses during my Master's and Ph.D. programs, as well as working in ABA centers. ABA does influence my teaching style, but my tutoring and teaching is not intended to be ABA services. I am also not a speech-language pathologist, and do not provide these type of services.

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