Art projects are great for working on language, communication, and social skills!

All of my art lessons and projects are completely customized for each student based on their interests, favorite characters, movies, etc. This makes the activities highly motivating, so they're great opportunities to use language and communication to talk about colors, shapes, sizes, descriptions, as well as request various items, such as glue, clay, scissors, paper, etc. to make their projects.

Art projects are also beneficial for all students because they help develop:

  • Creative thinking,

  • Problem-solving abilities,

  • Visual-spatial skills,

  • Fine motor skills, and

  • The joy of creating something meaningful.

I’m currently working on developing a program where I'll teach individualized art lessons specifically designed for students with autism. Currently, I'm taking a Montessori art teacher training program and I will launch this program when it's completed!


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You can also find art activities on this section of my blog.

Here are some examples of art projects I've done with my students:

Individual Art Lessons

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