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Online Courses for High School Students

Dr. Caldwell facilitates a few online courses each year for high school students with autism. These classes are similar to an independent study format, in which students work on projects independently and turn in work each week that will be graded (in a positive and encouraging way) by Dr. Caldwell. 

These classes are designed to cover fun and engaging topics, such as video game design and 3D modeling. Classes include instruction in these topics, but also focus on helping students develop  study skills and self-management skills that can help them be more successful when taking online college courses. Parents/guardians are sent additional resources each week that they can use to help their teen practice the study skills for each week in the course.

In addition to her extensive experience working with students with autism, Dr. Caldwell has also taught college courses for both undergraduate and graduate programs and knows what students frequently struggle with. These courses are designed to help students work on these skills while creating fun projects.

All courses are offered on a donation can choose the amount that you are able to pay by joining the Autism Homeschool Success Patreon page at any level.


The next section of this course will begin on Monday, June 22nd. Registration forms will be due on Sunday, June 14th.

For more information about the class, you can view the syllabus here. For this class, the time commitment for students starts at about 20-40 minutes per week for the first few weeks. During the last few weeks of class, the students may be working about 1 - 3 hours per week, depending on the complexity of the projects they choose.

Check out the cool 3D modeling program we're using here (it's free!).

Download the registration form here (instructions for sending it in are on the form).

I'll be offering this class again throughout the year, so please follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or in my newsletter to be notified on all class updates.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at Thanks!


This course will be offered in Summer of 2020. Dates and registration information will be posted soon!

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