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Online Courses for Middle School Students

Coding for Beginners Using Scratch: Level 1

Parent-supported online class for kids age 12 and up.

Scratch is a fun, free web-based program for kids to learn coding. In this class, your child will use this program to learn some basic coding skills, as well as make projects and games! Scratch uses "drag and drop" coding, so no typing is required and learning to code is fun and easy.


You can look at Scratch here:

What's a parent-supported class? Dr. Caldwell will provide video lessons/demonstrations of coding activities each week to go along with the book (pictured above) and fun activities for the students to work on. Dr. Caldwell will not interact directly with your child or "grade" any homework, but will be available to you for questions at any time during the course.

Cost: This class is free with the purchase of the book through my personal link:

Just send me a screenshot or e-mail forward of your receipt.

Registration Form:

Start Date: 6/22/20
End Date: 8/16/20
Registration Form (and Copy of Receipt) Due: 6/14/20

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