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If you've chosen homeschooling for your child with autism, "Autism Homeschool Success" is here for you! You'll find all info about how to start homeschooling, where to find legal requirements for your state, curriculum reviews, helpful tips from other parents, and more! Look at the menu titled " I want info on..." for all of these resources.


I also work with children in their homes on social skills, communication/language, and math or science instruction, as well as facilitate free science-based social and vocational skills clubs in Rockwall, Texas. Go to the menu "Working with Dr. Caldwell" for more information. Thanks!

About Me


Hi! I'm Dr. Nicole Caldwell, and I've been teaching children and teens with autism for about 14 years. I hold a Master's degree and PhD in special education with an emphasis on teaching students with autism. I work with children in their homes to help them learn social skills, communication and language, and academics.

My background is in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Montessori. I use these types of teaching methods in a way that is relaxed, natural, fun, play-based, and respectful of the wonderful uniqueness of children with autism.



How Can I Help Your Family?



I work with children and their families in Rockwall, Texas (and the surrounding cities) on:

Curriculum and Book Reviews 


There are so many choices out there for homeschool curriculum! Here, you'll find detailed reviews and information about curriculum and autism books so that you can make informed decisions for your child.


I also create many of my own lesson plans and learning activities that blend academic subjects with the favorite interests and individual learning styles of the students I work with. I love to make learning motivating for your child!

Nothing on this website should be considered legal advice. You are advised to contact a homeschool organization, such as the Texas Homeschool Coalition or the HSLDA for answers to specific questions.

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